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Hello! I'm Audrey,
a business woman and proud number cruncher who can turn numbers into conscious & valuable insights to create positive shifts in people, families and business.

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As a natural born go-getter, my passion has continuously driven me to expand my knowledge, experience, and relationships. With a strong finance background obtained from Fortune 500 companies in health care, mass-retail, CPG and global relocation, along with a diverse skill set that combines strategic, commercial, operational and technical understanding, I’m confident in the creative ideas and solutions I bring to the table.

As a leader, I aim to enable my team to collaborate with leaders across the organization and use their finance expertise to engage with them in a way that shakes the status quo to its foundation, manage adversity and create positive change in the P&L while maintaining strong relationships.

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Background & Expertise


October 2017 - Present

​I lead a global finance team of 5+ Sr. Managers and Analysts who are regarded as “mini-CFOs” to their businesses partners. We work with senior and executive level leaders across all commercial, operational and administrative departments to develop company-wide strategic, budget and forecast financial plans. We are critical contributors to creating and deploying long term initiatives that are forward-thinking and sustainable in revenue and cost structure to drive the BGRS vision. Once long term and annual plans are built, we manage the day to day operations with the tracking of actual results for all line items of the P&L from revenue to EBT against annual budget and long term strategic targets that facilitate upper-level decision making. Furthermore, my team has devised successful benchmarks through new profitability definitions and performance strategies that allow us to hold commercial and operational owners accountable so that we can challenge and make changes at the proper level to maintain and grow the P&L. Our partnership with the business has supported revenue growth of 6% and doubled EBITDA in 2 years in an industry with average revenue decline of -5% by proactively managing costs and optimizing new revenue opportunities.

My team and I are also critical contributors in M&A and integration activity. We are responsible for modelling financials for external and Parent Co. reporting. With this strategic visibility, we play an important role in setting the new tone of the company that keeps us agile in a quickly changing market place so that we can have sustainable revenue growth and outperform our targets. We also conduct detailed analysis our operations to find issues, make recommendations and help the team implement corrective action to improve profitability and efficiency. 



January 2017 - Present

With a passion for understanding the global economy, financial markets and having control over my personal financial portfolio, I am an active and profitable swing trader across several asset classes.


July 2014 - October 2017

I supported business decision making through the provision of finance and commercial insight, challenging assumptions and preconceptions, and supported with relevant and effective analysis. I led the 3 year strategic, annual budget and quarterly forecast processes with the category leaders to critically review the business through P&L analysis and develop future financial plans to support company objectives. My division was the largest portfolio in the Canadian business, achieving small organic growth on the core business. A large opportunity to acquire a third party distributor presented itself and I participated in the regional acquisition and post buyout integration of Anexxa, which drove industry-leading profit increase of 10%. Furthermore, I supported integration activity after two more major global acquisitions (Bard for $24B and Carefusion for $12.2B). I was responsible for managing, consolidating and analyzing the reporting of the new categories into our existing business. 


March 2011 - July 2014

I was the finance partner to the largest category in the portfolio ($350MM revenue) which was the key driver within the division for margin enhancing activity through innovation and large scale efficiency projects. After years of restructure and declining margins, my category underwent an overhaul in manufacturing process which required a closure of 9 plants in order to build 1 "super plant" with upgraded technology to manufacture at significantly less cost, faster machines and less labor. I tracked these "transformation savings" as part of the category P&L for commercial decision making.


I was also the divisional lead for the budget and forecasting process across all commercial, operational and G&A teams. I ran the planning calendar and managed all the tasks required for input into a P&L which was used for executive presentations and consolidated for corporate submission. As the budget lead, I also owned the maintenance of our budget database which made me a key contributor during the company wide SAP implementation. 


January 2009 - March 2011

​I partnered with the merchants and store operations to improve their financial status by analyzing results, monitoring variances, identifying trends and recommending actions to management. A process issue we had was in payroll reporting because it required manual input from 60 store managers across Canada to submit time and task tracking for their employees on a weekly basis. This took each store manager approximately 5 hours per week of work. It was highly manual, inefficient and prone to error. As a VBA programmer I developed a process improvement by coding a model which automatically populated time and payroll data from Kronos into a consolidated cost analysis in less than one hour a week. I was recognized for this achievement across the global organization for creating visibility of our costs at 99% accuracy, at a lower level of detail, in a fraction of the time. 






What I Do











Lending a Helping Hand

November 2017 - Present


I am the Treasurer on the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors for the Canadian Skin Patient Alliance, a not-for-profit organization working to promote skin health and improve the quality of life for those living with skin conditions & disease.

May 2017 - Present


I help small businesses in my community with pro bono business planning consultation.

October 2016 - Present


I've hosted personal finance workshops to help CPA Canada address the growing social problem of financial literacy in Canada. Their mission is to deliver unbiased objective financial literacy education and information to improve the overall state of financial literacy in Canada.



In my career, I’ve had the honor of receiving several testimonials for my hard work.
Take a look below to see what my colleagues have to say!


Kent Williams

Chief Financial Officer

"Audrey has been with our company for the past 2 years in the role of Director, Financial Planning and Analysis.  In this role she has been able to greatly improve the organization and alignment around the annual business plan between the operational owners and the company executives.  This has allowed the company to not only have clearly stated targets for the upcoming year, but has greatly improved our forecasting ability within the budgeting year as the industry and/or our client needs change.  The skill she has brought to understand material impacts to the business has been coupled with her ability to engage and relate to the other departments in our company to arrive at well understood targets and initiatives.  Currently she has broadened her scope to lead our company through an Information Technology transformation that will change many aspects in how we service our client, and the costs associated with them. All of what she has both learned and displayed have given us great confidence in her ability to deliver on this project."

Jeff Garner

VP Global Finance, Pricing & Treasury

"I have had the privilege of working with Audrey at two different organizations over the past decade and it has been so rewarding to witness, support and benefit from her tremendous growth as a leader, not only of her finance team but also with colleagues across functions and levels. Audrey is passionate about continuous improvement and implementing best practices, especially when it comes to improving communication and driving organization alignment and accountability. At BGRS, we benefit from this commitment day in, day out as Audrey has her finger firmly on the pulse of the company’s progress on strategic, financial and operational goals and proactively and effectively communicates risks and opportunities to accountable cross-functional stakeholders and collaborates to formulate plans and responses. Audrey is also a highly skilled people manager and an excellent role model for her finance team. She is highly visible and a willing and able finance partner to colleagues across the organization.  Both by her own example and by her very encouraging approach to coaching , I’ve seen Audrey set the standard and push her team, often out of their comfort zone, to become more engaged and effective and ultimately more satisfied in their roles. Best wishes Audrey and thank you for your leadership at BGRS!"

Hannah Richardson

SVP Global Client Services and GM EMEA & APAC

"Audrey has been an integral member and business partner to the Global Client Services Team, working directly with me and supporting my global leadership team for over 2 years. She has a strong understanding of the complexities of our business and the nuances of each of our global clients. She is both dynamic and solutions oriented. A key skill Audrey demonstrates is the ability to build the ‘business story’ through the numbers. She can contextualize a complex set of project deliverables and assimilates the ‘business story’ which is a compelling and critical thinking skill.


Audrey is currently leading the business planning and analysis for our company wide Business Transformation. This is a substantial programme of work to deliver over the coming years. Audrey is highly engaged and focused on the delivery outcomes, demonstrating tremendous attention to detail and strong execution on the financial planning delivery.


Not only is Audrey a consummate professional but  she demonstrates strong EQ as well as having a lovely sense of humour, this makes Audrey an authentic and credible team player and leader in our business."

Robert Martini

VP Global Marketing & Strategic Innovation

"As the Strategic Innovation Leader for BGRS, one of the largest Global Relocation companies, I have had the pleasure and good fortune to work closely with Audrey Santo Domingo over the past several months. We have recently completed an assignment where we were tasked to develop a detailed 5 year financial plan that will act as the underpinning of a critically important, enterprise wide transformation of our company. It very quickly became obvious why Audrey was selected to be part of the team. Her ability to almost instantly develop workable, salient financial models to help illustrate the impact of high level, strategic concepts was incredibly impressive. More importantly, she effortlessly transcended beyond her finance role to help lead the team in the creation of the plan. She was able to draw from a wealth of experience inside and outside of our organization to guide us in directions we would not otherwise have gone, helping to solve several complex and challenging problems. There is no doubt in my mind that Audrey’s leadership contribution on this project will have an important and lasting impact on BGRS for years to come."

Graham Wallace

Lead Consultant, Strategic Planning & Implementation

"Audrey has a natural talent and flair for Business Planning. When asked by the Program Lead of the current Business Transformation project how I knew Audrey would be capable to lead the planning & analysis having only met her for a couple of hours, the answer is Audrey's calmness, mastery of the subject matter and a rare ability to see how the numbers work and flow – which is a very different skill to being a pure accountant.  That said it’s a difficult skill set to get people to understand unless they see Audrey in action."

Renee Carnes-Rook

VP Global Customer Care & Change Management

"Audrey is a positive example to anyone in the world of finance and is a particularly progressive example for woman. I have worked with Audrey in small confidential meetings working strategic issues and solutions. Audrey is articulate and well prepared. She is knowledgeable in the world of finance but brings much more to the conversation. She is committed to understand the workings and challenges of the business which allows her to better support the financial linkages. She seeks to identify gaps, make recommendations, look for opportunities both financial and those that will have an impact on the enterprise as a whole. She is very committed and vested. She is a pleasure to work with, is someone I always want on my team and is a valued role model to woman in finance."

Peter Hopkins

VP Global Client Services, EMEA & APAC

"I’ve been working with Audrey for over 2 years now in her role as Director of FP&A for BGRS, and more specifically as Finance Partner for my portfolio of multinational clients.
She came in from outside the Global Mobility industry but very quickly learned the ropes and the drivers for clients in moving their employees around the world. I have found Audrey to be highly astute, proactive and collaborative – sharing ideas and solutions as we build out budgets and forecasts for client business. She also has a curiosity to learn about cross border business and takes a genuine interest in people which makes her a pleasure to work with.
In short a fantastic person to work with and a genuine asset to BGRS!"

Munish Mohan

Chairman, CSPA

"Audrey has been a member of the Board since November 2017 and was quickly invited to join the Executive Committee as Treasurer in July 2018, as her financial skills were evident after just a few meetings. She embraced the role as Treasurer by reviewing budgets and monthly statements, while educating herself about the business of the organization. Her leadership and financial skills shone earlier this year as she volunteered to take a retrospective analysis of the CSPA financial reviews from 2015 to 2018. This exercise was deemed an excellent addition by the Board of Directors to give them an supplementary information for their fiduciary responsibility.

We believe that Audrey’s leadership, bias for action and her natural strength and experience in finance position her as an inspiration to women seeking success in this or other industries. We are proud of Audrey’s accomplishments as a woman in this field and are fortunate to have her working with us as a volunteer."


What I’ve Learned



2018 to Present

Educated in a spectrum of trading styles and asset classes, from Short Term Trading, Swing Trading, Position Trading, and Investment Theory for Stocks, Exchange Traded Funds, Options, Futures (E-minis & Commodities) and Currencies.



Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada) is one of the largest national accounting organizations in the world and is a respected voice in the business, government, education and non-profit sectors. They offer a strong set of accounting and managerial skills required for today’s complex and evolving environment. CPAs are broad-minded, forward-thinking professionals who undertake appropriate analysis, exercise good judgment, communicate effectively and act to protect the public interest. These professional accountants are highly attractive to employers and recruiters for the solid training and expertise that contribute to improved efficiency and growth.



Comprehensive knowledge in a variety of accounting areas, along with broad management knowledge.



A solid background in standard accounting practices; Expertise in spreadsheets, databases, and accounting and personal income-tax software programs such as Sage 50, MS Access and Profile; Training in essential communication skills for advising business owners and managers; Hands-on experience in applying accounting concepts.

"A budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went!"

-Dave Ramsey-

"Look around. All that clutter used to be money. All that money used to be time."